Are you feeling a burning need to travel but not sure if it’s safe yet? Welcome to my world.

Tomorrow promises to be sunny and warm so I’m going on a personal pilgrimage. That means I will journey somewhere (probably nearby), and make that journey a prayer to the Earth. Here in Ireland there are lots of possibilities for a one-day pilgrimage: curative springs, dark caves, sacred stone circles . . . For hundreds of years, long before Christianity, people made pilgrimages to holy wells and mountain tops where they left offerings and sought assistance for various challenges. 

In many of these places you can actually feel an in-dwelling spirit, or maybe it’s the collective energy of all the people who’ve visited the place before you.

 A pilgrimage is more than just a trip. It’s a soul journey that changes you in some way, gives you a new insight, and maybe the gift of elevating your mood. Going to a new place can also help you find a part of yourself you have lost somewhere along the way.

Recently, I read an article that said in order to slow down time, you should do something different, take a different route, make a different choice, as often as possible. I’m making a suggestion to myself, and anyone who cares to read this. Whether you travel to a distant land or to the park at the end of your block, try going to a different place within yourself while you’re there. Journey ‘through the Earth’ and ‘with the Earth,’ and really listen to what it has to say.