Young Adult Fiction

A young ballerina risks career, friendship, and life
for a chance at love with a dangerous Irish lad.

When an Achilles injury benches seventeen-year-old Taylor from dancing, her best friend, Beks, has the perfect solution for recovery: accompany her family on vacation in Ireland. Beks has been dming with a couple of four alarm Irish guys for months. Jimmy and Niall are just the right combination of good looks and mystery, and when they offer to take the girls sightseeing in search of the vengeful sea serpents of Irish legend, the girls are all in.

Their enchantment evaporates when a freak storm capsizes their boat, stranding them on a debaucherous party island. It could be a tiny paradise, but Taylor, haunted by the influence of her overbearing mom, struggles with her feelings for Jimmy. When Beks goes missing, and Taylor discovers a possible murder, finding her friend becomes the only priority. Instead, she discovers Jimmy and Niall are part of a much more sinister legend. One that she and Beks are becoming a part of, as well as more missing girls who will never return home. Unless Taylor can risk a career-ending injury, steal a non-seaworthy boat, and venture into the perilous North Atlantic to find a way back to the mainland, she’ll be trapped on the uncharted island forever.

A DARKER NEED is a young adult thriller that puts a modern twist on an ancient Irish legend.

 A California teen moves to rural Ireland and slips into a 5th Century conflict between Druids and Christians, discovering a past-life love. To keep him in the present, she must stop history from repeating itself.

In the misty past of fifth century Ireland, Christians are invading the holy Druid island of Inisceo, and 14-year-old Lassair, a novice Druid, is shocked and confused. The Christians murder countless trees, value their own souls above those of animals, and have little respect for the Earth.

But when Lassair falls in love with a Christian monk, Declan, she finds herself caught in the growing conflict between Druids and Christians. With both groups intent upon driving the other out, violence threatens to tear apart the only home she’s ever known and ruin what may be her one chance at love.

1500 years later, history is getting ready to repeat itself. After her mother’s messy divorce, 15-year-old Lana is dragged half-way around the world from Southern California to the remote west of Ireland. Bored, angry, and tired of being the odd one out, Lana sets off to explore a lake island she believes to be haunted, but Inisceo contains more mysteries than she ever imagined. Lana is repeatedly thrust into the past, and into the body of Lassair. As Lana pieces together the story of Declan and Lassair she becomes increasingly obsessed with the past. The more she learns, the more she realizes that outside forces continue to threaten Inisceo and the fair folk who dwell there.

Lana wants nothing more than to protect her island and its past inhabitants, but time travel comes with a price and, ultimately, a choice: To return to her lonely life in the present, or lose herself forever in Ireland's haunting and enticing past.

THE PATH THROUGH THE MIST is a young adult fantasy based on historical fact, told from the dual perspectives of Lana and Lassair.