Adult Fiction


“O lost and by the wind grieved, ghost come back again.”   --  Thomas Wolfe
Ireland is a land of mythical beauty, built by a strong and resilient people. It is an island possessed with a charming mystery, yet haunted by its own past.

When Mary and her mother Kathleen journey to Ireland for a summer holiday, they discover not only an ancestral bond, but magic, myth and, for Mary, a deeply personal connection to the land and its people.

Based on factual events that are stranger than any fiction, intertwined with legends of supernatural beings, VOICES ON THE WIND begins in modern-day Ireland, then propels the reader back in time to the greatest national calamity in Irish history, the infamous famine of the 1840’s.

Through Mary’s physical journey, the reader is transported into a deeper journey of interconnected stories which follow the lives of: a 14-year-old girl and her family at death’s door; an old fisherman and his strange encounter at sea; a starving woman’s battle with insanity; a young girl’s immigrant journey aboard a coffin ship; the haunting love story of two strangers trapped together and many others.

Ultimately, each person is transformed by the unfolding tragedy, as well as the mythical beings who come to assist or impede them.

Returning to the present, we see that Mary, like Ireland, is changed forever.

Advance praise for Voices on the Wind:

Eroticism, myth, the Catholic faith, beloved animals, and the stricken land all blend with the enormous kindliness, humor and endurance of the people.  In the end it is a redemptive book, and in that the author has created a kind of miracle.”

-- Stephanie Cowell, author of
            Nicholas Cooke:  Actor, Soldier, Physician, Priest
The Physician of London
The Players:  A novel of the young Shakespeare
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