Ancient Celts and Druids lived their lives by the Tree Calendar, and tonight’s new moon marks the beginning of the Vine Moon, according to that system. 

Today (Monday in Europe; Tuesday in the U.S.) begins a month-long period of celebrating the harvest (that can be a mental and emotional harvest too).  Whatever you have gleaned, learned, acquired or shared since the first of the year, now is the time to celebrate it.  I also look at this as a euphoric time to kiss the summer good-bye, like a parting lover, enjoying each moment as much as possible. 

In Ireland, at mid-summer, it doesn’t get dark until 11:00 p.m.  Now, however, it’s dark at about 9:00 p.m.  Druids celebrated the beginning of a new day at sunset, instead of sunrise.  So, you might say the days are starting earlier! 

If you are returning to school, now is the time to bring a small potted plant into your room, near a window.  When you water it, whisper a blessing and nature will help your mind grow as the plant does. 

You might wish to celebrate this moon (month) by having a small gathering of friends over and making toasts to your accomplishments with champagne or sparkling water mixed with fruit juice.  If you have a garden, sharing what you’ve grown with friends is a lovely way to bind your souls with the strength of the Earth. 

The only thing that can alter your psychological state almost as fast as drugs, is scent.  (It’s also cheaper and safer.)  Adding a few drops of mandarin essential oil or eucalyptus oil to an aromatherapy burner can enliven the spirit.  If you sit quietly for a few moments and breathe deeply of the scent, it can even help reverse depression. 

Lastly, you might bring a bit of vine (ivy for resilience or blackberry for protection, etc.) into your home with an invocation that the magic of nature wend its way through your life. 

Do you have any fun customs for the season?  If so, please join in the celebration and share. 

Until we meet again . . .

Deep peace of the Sacred Grove to you. 

Earlier sunset on Lough Corrib