The trees you see on this post are about to be murdered.  These dear, old ‘friends’ are part of Coillte (Irish for forests) and have inspired so much of what I write.  In the grip of the global depression, Ireland is about to sell all of its forests to Chinese and Swiss investment firms.  These firms would be allowed to kill 1.2 million acres of trees in the name of profit.  That would leave us with increased erosion of soil, not to mention contributing to global warming.  And, dear God, all of those murdered trees! 
Please, if you have any heart at all, protest this environmental sabotage.  It only takes a minute to sign the SAVE OUR FORESTS petition on-line.  If you have already signed it, thank you.  Now sign again.  The politicians did not listen to us the last time.  If you are willing it only takes a few more minutes to send an email to politicians.  Anything you can do to let Irish politicians know this is NOT okay, will be greatly appreciated. 
Please sign the petition, ‘Save Ireland's Forests’ here: 

Here is a link that allows you to send one email to all TDs at once.  Your message can be as simple as, “Please do not sell Irish forests.” 
On behalf of all the beautiful trees, I thank you. 

‘If trees could scream, no one on Earth would sleep peacefully again.’
                                                                        – Jane Evershed