It’s that time of year again – the new year in the old Celtic calendar.  Each day, the veil grows thinner.  Every day from now for the next week to fortnight (and especially on October 29th, the night of the full moon), it is possible to contact the Shining Ones – the spirits of nature, as well as our ancestors and loved ones.  Go outside and listen.  Come inside and light a candle.  Let us all be conscious, aware, opening our minds and our hearts to those around us we cannot see. 

For the great gates of the mountains have opened once again,
And the sound of song and dancing fall upon the ears of men,
And the Land of Youth lies gleaming, flushed with rainbow light and mirth,
And the old enchantment lingers in the honey-heart of earth.
-          A.E. (George William Russell)

Wishing you and all your friendly spirits a . . .

Happy Samhain!