FAERIES – A FIELD GUIDE (How to See Faeries, Part 1)

‘Believing’ in ‘Faeries’ is not the same as the knowledge of the existence of nature spirits.  To ‘believe’ something implies that there is still room for doubt.  To ‘know’ something is a much stronger position.  Druids know and work with elementals and nature spirits on a regular basis.  It can make life quite interesting. 

Numerous books have been written about connecting or working with faeries and elementals (or, to use the old Irish colloquialism, ‘the folk’.)  There are loads of different techniques for seeing these beings, but ultimately, the way you see them will be uniquely and individually yours.  Many people who have come to visit me and/or take my tours have asked questions like, ‘Do you really see them?’ and ‘How can I see them?’  My response is, you probably are seeing them, you’re just not aware. 

So, how does one become aware enough to experience the magical beings around us, and indeed, be blessed by them?  Or, perhaps you are already experiencing nature spirits but would like more regular or stronger contact with them. 

Over the next few posts, I’ll share with you what works for me.  This is the first one devoted to Invoking the Folk. 

When someone greets you with a smile, extends their hand and says, ‘I’m so happy to meet you,’ it kind of makes you happy to meet them too, doesn’t it?  Whereas, if someone were to stare right through you and say, ‘I’m not sure you exist.  You could just be a figment of my imagination,’ wouldn’t that put you off a bit? 

My neighbour, an elderly farmer’s wife, has an adorable 5-year-old granddaughter who likes to come over and visit me.  Once, when the child didn’t want to go home to bed, I whispered to her that if she was good and went to sleep with happy thoughts, the faeries and angels would bring her a wonderful bit of magic the following day.  She agreed to go to bed then and I asked her to be sure to come round the next day and tell me what magic the faeries had brought. 

The following day, her grandmother told me the child had bad dreams during the night.  ‘I think it’s because you mentioned (she looked around in a rather frightened way and then whispered) faeries.’  But the child looked completely happy, playing in the garden among the flowers and trees. 

Denial and ignorance score you no points with the folk.  Therefore, the first step toward ‘seeing’ anyone is to treat all creatures, plants, beings, even rocks (for these are the bones of the Earth), with respect.  Consciously endeavour to show consideration for ALL those around you, even those you may not fully see, for at least 30 days and it will stimulate the chemical synapses in your brain that underlie perception and thought. 

Please visit again tomorrow for the second step in the process. 

Until then, deep peace of the sacred grove to you.