Here we are, smack dab in the middle of the Rowan moon, named after the Rowan tree in the Celtic calendar. 
On the verge of Imbolc (the 1st of February), while the moon is waxing, the Earth is beginning to stir.  The first signs of life will soon appear – crocuses, snowdrops . . . here is Ireland, the daffodils are thrusting green swords toward the sky.  At this time, when many of us are tired of the winter months and eager for spring, the soul pulls away from the body.  Astral travel is likely, clairvoyance is real.  Our visualization and divining powers are at their peek.  For the last two weeks, I have been having prophetic dreams, and this is why. 

Spring is whirring just below the surface, in some places, so far below the surface that we cannot see it.  But, it is coming.  The days are growing longer and all living things are aware.  So, while the Earth, the moon and all of creation are whirring with such forceful energy that we can actually feel it, NOW is the time to set our desires in motion.  The most efficient way to manifest that which we truly desire is through experiential visualization. 

For anyone interested, I offer this powerful visualization method specifically for this time of year: 
Light a ruby red or bright pink candle (the colour of the winter sky at sunset).
Dab a bit of frankincense or patchouli oil on your pulse points and on the candle.
If you have harp music, let it play softly in the background.
If you can recline in front of a fire, naked, do so, and close your eyes. 
Let the warmth and the scent flow slowly up your body, from your feet to your head. 
Actually feel this energy moving through you and lifting you. 
This will take some time, do not rush. 
When you feel yourself lifted above your body, imagine yourself soaring gently into the future you would claim. 
What does it look like?  What do you see from inside your body?  Experience all five senses from this place in your future. 
This is the most important part:  What to you FEEL emotionally?  Now that you have manifested this reality you wished for, what does the joy, security, love, etc, feel like? 
When you have allowed yourself to enjoy that feeling for a few moments, you can slowly come back to your body. 
Let the candle burn out so that its smoke can carry your desires into the Universe and bring them back to you in physical form. 

The Rowan Moon is also a prime time for divination.  If you don’t do divination yourself and would like me to do it for you, I am happy to help. 

And, of course, I’d love to read of anyone else’s experience with visualization and divination, so if you have comments, please share. 

Until next time,
Deep Peace of the Sacred Grove to You