Druids of old were, without a doubt, talented ancient astronomers.  They created calendars based on the planets and stars in the night sky and their predictions of planetary movements were startlingly accurate.  You don’t have to take my word for it.  Read Pliny’s accounts.  A couple thousand years ago, if you wanted to know when to plant your cabbage crop (when the moon was in the fertile sign of Pieces, of course) or the best time to undertake a dangerous journey across water, you’d consult your friendly, local druid, who would, in turn, consult the sky. 

Current sky conditions reveal some amazing possibilities . . .
Tonight is the dark of the moon, when great things can happen!  Yesterday, the sun moved in to Pieces, the ultimate water sign and purveyor of emotions.  Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, when people all over Ireland will be eating pancakes to celebrate the last day of pleasure before the self-imposed austerity of Lent (according to the Christian calendar).  Tomorrow is also the new Ash Moon, sometimes called, ‘the moon of waters,’ because of its emotional significance.  Not surprisingly, the Ash Tree usually grows near water.  Since our bodies are between 60% and 70% water, we ‘feel’ a lot this moon (month).  And, very soon, we should start feeling the energy of the approaching Grand Earth Trine. 

What do all those things have in common?  Emotions.  Even more important, the strongest emotion of them all:  Love. 

We are at a sort of crossroads, surrounded by Love energy!  But it’s not an escapism-type, woo-woo love.  The approaching Grand Trine involving the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, will force us to face our emotions and be honest with ourselves.  THEN, falling in love with yourself, with the Earth, with someone else, with all of creation, will be as easy as . . . falling.  Back in the 15th Century, when they were deciding on a date for Valentine’s Day, they would’ve been more accurate to push it forward a week, because the Ash Moon of waters nearly always falls the week after Valentine’s. 
If there were any ancient druids around now, they’d probably be telling us to be open to love and romance.  Tonight, especially, is an excellent time to be still and receptive to the energy of unconditional universal love.  This is a healing energy, a warmth, a connection that unites all living creatures. 

A good meditation to try is to close your eyes and imagine yourself as a river.  You are flowing over hills, into valleys, down cliffs and across rolling land, finally reaching a giant ocean of oneness and bliss. 

If we all do that together tonight, magic will ensue!